Ensuring Fairness

In recent years, much has been attained in the quest for equality for all. It has become a universally accepted goal worth striving toward, but unfortunately, that goal remains elusive as discrimination in Ohio, particularly for people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT), continues unabated.

In the present polarized political environment, there is now a growing backlash amongst some that fighting for protections such as for the LGBT community, as well as other groups, has taken the spotlight away from their own concerns. When it comes to striving for equality and eradicating workplace discrimination there is only one simple value to consider, and that is, it is a given our shared morality instructs us to treat equally, as we would treat ourselves individually, all those who may derive from varied backgrounds, cultures, genders and races.

Therefore, it is imperative we protect those most vulnerable to workplace discrimination.

Photo by Roberto Nickson