Our communities are built around our public schools. Supporting our educators and giving schools the resources they need not only help our kids get a better education, but help our community grow. Ohio should prioritize our public schools over charter schools that look to make profit rather than educating our youth.

  • Ohio will never progress in public education until it has fixed, once and for all, its financial underpinnings. The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the property tax-based funding mechanisms unconstitutional and has asked the General Assembly to address this matter. No action for years has been made.
  • It is critical we fix the school funding mechanism and put all districts on a sounder, fairer financial basis going forward. An example that has shown to be more stable and reliable is the permanent income tax levy thereby relieving districts of the property tax uncertainty.
  • It is also important to attain greater accountability in how all taxpayer dollars are spent toward our public school systems, but especially those dollars that have been diverted to charter schools,which in some cases have been unaudited and held unaccountable.