Mary’s Story

I was born in Cleveland and then my mother and I moved to Crestline when I was a year old. As a single mother, my mom worked hard to provide a stable and loving home. My grandparents would often look after me while my mother was at work. Growing up in this environment taught me true family values and that love can come in many different forms.

As a kid growing up here I remember riding my bike to a local grocery store just to get a pop from the vending machine, or walking down the street to get an ice cream. One of my fondest memories growing up though would be during the Bratwurst and Harvest festivals, when family and friends would come from out of town to visit and enjoy the food with great atmosphere. It is these gatherings that instilled in me the importance of the small things in life that are actually very important.

I went to Elementary school in Crestline and then Junior high and early high school at Mansfield Christian. I transferred back to Crestline to attend Pioneer CTC, where I was postsecondary my senior year. I graduated with a certificate in Business Computer Technology and went on to receive my associates degree in Paralegal Studies from North Central State College in 2003. I obtained my bachelor’s in Business Administration from Mt. Vernon Nazarene University in 2011.

I have worked since I was 16 and I’ve held a variety of jobs, mostly in customer service and supervisory positions. I would often be holding multiple jobs, or attending school and working full time. I’ve personally felt the struggle many people in the area have felt when finding meaningful and gainful employment in the area they grew up.  

My hometown and surrounding communities have a special place in my heart and the unfortunate reality we face now is that our district has people who are moving away to find better opportunities and better living. The area is suffering from jobs that don’t pay living wages, loved ones with addiction and no resources for the necessary help they need, lack of infrastructure that other more affluent districts have like reliable internet access. That’s why I’m running for State Representative for the 87th district. I want to take our communities, my home, from surviving to thriving. I see what our area can be, the wonderful people living here are the backbone who don’t need a handout, but a hand willing to help represent them. As representative I want to get us on the path to make this area what we all know it can be, a great place to live and raise our families.