Government Accountability
& Transparency

Over the last eight years there has been a steady decrease in transparency and accountability concerning activities performed by Ohio state agencies that affect all Ohioans.  The Attorney General’s office delegates much of ts enforcement and collection capabilities to law firms specializing in collections that end up extorting Ohioans for large sums of money in connection with unsubstantiated fines and penalties.

The current administration lauds itself on its financial responsibility but does not disclose to the public that Ohio’s long-term debt is over $17 billion and has no plan to reduce it anytime soon. Of chief concern is, the private-public agency created by the Kasich administration to replace the Department of Development and render it invisible to outside audit. utilizes profits from the Ohio Liquor Commission to fund its activities but since it remains unaccountable to public scrutiny it is unclear how or what it is achieving on behalf of Ohio’s citizenry. Another basic value that must be promoted is the simple principle that in order for government to prove it works for the people, all of its activities must be totally transparent, fully accountable and of course subject to routine audit.